Thursday, November 10, 2005

FREE Motorola ROKR iTunes Rocker Cell Phone

Here is arguably the best holiday gift of the 2005 season. It's the Motorola ROKR with iTunes player that you've seen advertised on TV and billboards. This breakthrough technology puts an iTunes music player inside a cell phone to give the best of both. You can download and store up to 100 of your favorite iTunes and play them back on the cool private headset. For more fun, let your friends enjoy the music by playing it through the phone's built-in stereo speakers. No wonder they call this phone the "rocker."

Of course you need to call your friends to invite them to see your new ROKR cell phone. You'll be able to invite a lot of them at once because the powerful battery in this device lets you talk for up to 540 minutes. That's 9 hours if you can talk that much at once. Standby time is a generous budget of up to 248 hours or over 10 days.

You won't need to bring a separate digital camera to capture the fun. The Motorola ROKR has a built-in VGA quality digital camera with 4x digital zoom. You can even use it capture short video clips as well as still photos.

If someone calls you while you're rockin', no problem. You won't miss the call because your ROKR phone is smart enough to pause the music so you can chat. When you're done conversing, continue rockin' to your heart's content. The large color screen on the ROKR displays album art as your song is playing.

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