Thursday, September 01, 2005

Motorola V551 Camera Phone Free With Service

Here's a sharp looking clamshell design with a polished two-tone finish and a lot of technology built-in. You're going to like this cell phone and you'll be able to get it free when you order new Cingular Wireless service from our online wireless store.

The Motorola V551 is a camera phone with a VGA quality digital camera and a color main display that shows 65,000 colors. It has a speakerphone for hands-free and group calls. It also has Bluetooth technology so you can use a wireless headset to make communication easy when you are on the go. Speaking of on the go, this phone operates on all four GSM bands so it is capable of operating with cellular systems world-wide.

The other communications technology in the Motorola V551 is EDGE or Enhanced Data for Global Evolution. It's the 3G broadband technology for high-speed data download that runs on GSM networks at burst speeds up to 200 Kbps. That speed comes in handy for sharing pictures, mobile Web browsing and text messaging. You'll want the optional MEdia service to take advantage of this phone's digital capabilities. Did I mention that the Motorola V551 was a PC Magazine Editor's Choice? Indeed.

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