Saturday, August 20, 2005

Star Wars Limited Edition Sony Ericsson Z500a Cell Phone

Hey, Star Wars fans. Did you miss out on earlier Star Wars customized cell phone offers? Well, here's a special offer on a limited edition version of the popular Sony Ericsson Z500a Video Phone that includes a wealth of Star Wars customization. Like all limited offers, if this is what you want, act quickly before they are all gone.

Here's what you get. In addition to the beautiful clamshell style cell phone from Sony Ericsson with a built-in digital zoom camera that also works as a camcorder, you will receive the following special Star Wars related items:

You get the collectible TIE Fighter sound effect, a C-3PO ringtone, Star Wars character graphics and mail-in rebates that include free Star Wars changeable covers. The phone comes pre-loaded with a Star Wars video clip. This advanced technology cell phone supports streaming multimedia including 3GPP video and MPEG4.

Like games? With the Sony Ericsson Z500a limited edition cellphone, you'll have access to downloadable 3D games including Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. You can also download 3D and Star Wars custom graphics.

You won't be able to resist calling your friends and telling them about your new Star Wars customized Z500a. Go ahead. The LiPolymer battery has super long life and will give you up to 10 hours of talk time. Know any other cell phones with that much reserve? Standby time is up to 264 hours, which happens to be a full 11 days.

The Sony Ericsson Z500a is clearly a terrific cell phone in its own right. It has AOL Instant Messenger built-in. It has an email client and supports mobile Web browsing using WAP 2.0 and also supports Cingular MEdia services. You'll stay well connected with this phone.

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