Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sanyo PM-8200 Camera Phone On Sale

The Sanyo PM-8200 camera phone is now available with $200 in instant price savings when you order it from our online cellular store with new Sprint PCS cellular service. This phone may be worth a bundle, but you can get it for under $30 if you order right now.

The PM-8200 is a VGA quality camera phone that includes a built-in flash, a self timer so you can be in the pictures, and digital zoom. You'll have a great time viewing and sharing the pictures you take when opportunities present themselves. That's the beauty of a camera phone. You've always got a digital camera with you.

Those pictures will look good on the True Color TFT LCD main display. It shows 132 x 160 pixels and over 65,000 colors. There is a smaller second display on the outside of the camera. Unlike some cell phones, this external display is also in color.

Would you like to be able to talk instantly back and forth with Walkie Talkie type PTT (push-to-talk) communications? Now you can with the Sanyo 8200 and optional Sprint PCS Ready Link service. There is also a high quality speakerphone built-in for your convenience.

You can personalize this phone with customizable themes and graphics, downloadable games and polyphonic ringtones. SMS text messaging capability is built-in. Other features include voice memo, voice activated dialing, to-do list, calculator and calendar.

How about battery life? You get 210 minutes of talk time and up to 288 hours (that's 12 days) of standby time. All this comes in a lightweight 3.6 oz. clamshell package. It looks as good as it functions.

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