Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Motorola Razor Price Shaved to Zero

What's the hottest razor around? It's the Motorola V3 RAZR, which just happens to be pronounced like the instrument with the sharp edge it is. Its edge happens to be a combination of style and technology. But we can give you another edge. You'll get the edge in pricing when you order your Motorola V3 or Motorola V3 Black from our online cellular store. Same great cellular service. Much lower prices than you'll get in cell phone stores or big box electronics retailers. How's free after rebate sound?

OK, so much for the sizzle. Here's the steak. The Motorola "Razor" comes in one sharp package. Sharp looking, that is. The standard Motorola V3 RAZR chassis is a gorgeous brushed silver color anodized aluminum shell that is a mere half-inch thick. That slim package houses a feather-touch precision keypad, dual color screens, 4x digital zoom camera, speakerphone and Bluetooth technology for hands-free communications. It's a quad-band GSM phone with world-wide capability and support for high speed data service. The V3 RAZR is a $399.99 value that we have priced at just $199.99. But you also get two mail in rebates totaling $200. That makes your cost to buy a Motorola V3 RAZR at $0. Yes, it's free after rebate when you order it with new Cingular Wireless service at our online cellular store.

The Motorola V3 Black is the same high quality, high technology camera phone as the original silver colored V3 RAZR. The difference is that it comes in an exclusive black anodized aluminum shell. It has that half-inch thin profile that fits anywhere. It has the 4x digital zoom camera, speakerphone and Bluetooth. It's a Motorola RAZR, but in stunning black. The black "razor" is valued at $399.99 and some people might have the nerve to charge you that. Not us. Your price is $200 But you also get two mail-in rebates worth $200, bringing the cost of owning your V3 in black to $0 after rebate. While this phone is highly in demand right now, you can get it free after rebate when you order it with new Cingular Wireless service at our online cell phone store.

As an even better offer, order a shared minutes plan from Cingular and get TWO Motorola RAZR V3 camera phones in silver or black anodized aluminum cases FREE after rebate.

Love the deals but have your heart set on a different model cell phone or perhaps a different provider. You can compare cell phone plans and get the phone and carrier you want with an outstanding offer at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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