Thursday, June 23, 2005

Your Vacation Calling Card

It's the heart of summertime and we're all headed out on vacation. You've got your luggage, your tickets, your maps and your sunscreen. Do you have your calling card?

Calling card? What calling card? Your vacation calling card, of course. The one that will save you a small fortune on phone calls. That's the one!

If you're wondering what you need a calling card for, it's been too long since you've made a long distance call from a hotel or motel room phone. To say that you'll get fleeced is probably an understatement. Exorbitant phone rates are a great profit center for lodging providers squeezed by price competition on room rates. If you think calling across state lines is pricey, try making a call to your house from another country. Your phone bill will make your airline ticket look paltry by comparison.

Don't get caught needing to blow your budget on long distance calls away from home when it costs you nothing, nada, zip to protect yourself from this highway or highrise robbery. That's right, you can get a CogniCall virtual calling card that will limit your long distance calling rate to 6.9 cents per minute in the US-48 states and it won't cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.

Think of it as communications insurance. If you just keep your card info in your wallet and don't make any calls, you pay nothing. Ah, but when you need it you'll be glad. You'll simply dial a toll free access number from wherever you are, enter your access code and then dial your call. You've just bypassed the expensive hotel, motel or pay phone long distance service. Your credit card will be billed for the cost of your calls. There are no hidden fees, although you'll pay an extra 55 cents to make calls from a pay phone. Believe me, that's nothing compared to what you'll get dinged to use that pay phone's long distance rates.

"Just a second," you say. "I use a cell phone for all my calls. Why do I need a calling card?"

Check your calling plan. If you have nationwide long distance minutes with no roaming charges and have no problem getting a signal from your hotel room, that's a good use for a cell phone. Otherwise, roaming charges can eat you alive. Your cell phone probably won't even work overseas and it might go dead in the middle of the most scenic locations in the Western states.

You can use your CogniCall calling card with your cell phone. That's a good way to make calls to other countries, because your cell phone company will charge you higher rates for international calls if they let you make them at all. With a CogniCall calling card and your cell phone, you can sit by the seashore and call the UK for 4.4 cents a minute or Australia for 4.9 cents a minute or Canada for 4.7 cents a minute. Those are even cheaper than state to state calls.

While taking that world tour, take your CogniCall card along. You can originate calls from over 50 countries by calling toll free access numbers where you happen to be. Call your friends and tell them about your experiences enroute. They'll have no idea that you aren't spending a fortune just to call them.

Here's how you get your CogniCall virtual calling card. Visit Long Distance Calling Cards now and order your card online. It only takes a few minutes. You'll get a welcoming email that will also instruct you to call a toll free number during business hours to confirm your order. There's no plastic card involved. You get your PIN numbers by email. Since a physical card doesn't have to come through the mail, you can get your CogniCall card even if you wait until the last minute. But don't be silly. Since it doesn't cost you anything to get one, order it now while you're thinking about it. Then you'll have it available for all your trips from now on.

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