Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cell Phone Special Deals Now

Do you still think that to get a great cell phone deal you have to scour the newspaper ads, drive all over town and wait around for someone to wait on you? That's one way to shop, but it's also the frustrating and time consuming way.

A better answer for savvy shoppers is to shop and order your cell phone and cell phone plan online. Why? Because the selection is better, the deals are better and you can shop anytime day or night. Shopping from your Web browser also means that you'll feel like you are the only one in the store. Take all the time you want. Compare cell phone plans and the cell phones that come with them. Then select the phone and plan you want and place your order. You can even call a toll free number and order through a customer service representative if you wish. Either way, it's a low stress shopping experience and your phone will be delivered to you ready to go.

But what about the phone deals? Can't you do better at a cell phone store or one of those big electronics retailers? Ha! That's what they want you to think. In most cases, you can do as well or even better ordering online. Most of the popular phone choices are free. Some even come with cash back rebates.

What about the cellular plans themselves? Shhh. Here's another little secret that the stores don't want you to know. The cellular service plans have the same terms regardless of where you place your order. You can go to a store, or you can get the same great cellular service plans online from Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. Unlike most stores, you'll find ALL of these major providers and dozens of great cell phone values in our online store at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

Come have a look at today's hot offers. Of our top six featured phones, 4 are free, 1 is free after rebate and 1 is free and comes with a $25 mail-in rebate. Yep, 6 free phones and even a cash back offer. These are great cell phones, too. Here are some examples of what you can get.

Sprint is offering the Samsung Vi660 clamshell phone free with a new service plan, such as the Sprint PCS Free & Clear Area-Wide Plan with 1000 Minutes for $45 a month. You'll also get a free car charger and, oh my gosh... Until June 30th they'll include a free DVD player worth $100. If you want this special, go to Cell Phone Plans Finder right now. There is no time to waste.

Cingular has two popular phones, the Motorola V220 and the Sony Ericsson Z500a. Both are the popular clamshell design and both have digital cameras built-in. You can get the V220 for free and the Z500a free after rebate when you sign up for the popular Cingular Nation 450 w/Rollover - 2 yr cellular service plan. You get 450 minutes a month and you can rollover your unused minutes if you don't use them all in a month. You also get unlimited mobile to mobile minutes. All this for just $39.99 a month. You can order larger plans with more monthly minutes or get a shared minutes plan and get two free phones. Oh, yes. These phones also come with free car chargers included.

Note that all of these offers are subject to change without notice and they do change rapidly. Just in the time I started writing this, our featured T-Mobile free V330 phone offer became no longer available. But it has been replaced with the Motorola V188 and car charger free, plus a $40 customer loyalty mail-in rebate. Go ahead and check the other phones available with T-Mobile service and you'll find the Samsung C225 available with TWO mail in rebates for a combined cash-back of $150. Yeah, that's right. One hundred and fifty smackers. Get a shared minutes plan with 2 free Samsung C225 phones and you'll get $300 back. All of these phones come with the T-Mobile Get More 600 Minutes plan for $39.99 per month. You get 600 minutes a month, unlimited night and weekend minutes, and free nationwide digital roaming.

If you'd like Verizon Wireless service, you can get the LG VX3200 camera phone with speakerphone capability for free, plus you get a $25 mail in rebate and a free car charger. That comes with cellular plans starting with the Verizon Wireless America's Choice 450 - 2yr with 450 monthly minutes, free nationwide digital roaming and unlimited IN calling. It's $39.99 per month. With the same service plan, you can get an Audiovox 8910 camera phone or a Motorola V265 camera phone which have rebates of $50.01 each.

We're also featuring Nextel service with the free Motorola i710, free car charger and free holster. This phone is unique in that it has true GPS capability that you can access to find your latitude and longitude. Have some fun geocaching! It also has push to talk walkie-talkie capability. Get your free i710 with the Nextel National 1,000 plan that includes 1,000 minutes, unlimited direct connect minutes, and unlimited night and weekend minutes for $55.99 a month.

Do you find these offers intriguing? We have many more phones available with each cellular service plan. Some of the really expensive phones are deeply discounted, while most of the popular phones are free. As you see, some even come with valuable accessories and cash back rebates. Regardless of when you happen to read this, there will be great (but perhaps different) special offers available for your online ordering convenience. Shop now and save and Cell Phone Plans Finder .com.

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