Monday, May 02, 2005

Star Wars Video Phone plus 2 Free Movie Tickets

Have you seen the new Star Wars video phone from Sony Ericsson yet? It's their z500a model that has been tricked out for all you George Lucas fans. The Limited Edition Star Wars Commemorative Phone comes with collectible TIE Fighter sound effect, C-3PO Ringtone and Star Wars Character Graphics. The Episode III: Revenge of the Sith game and video clip are pre-loaded. With the optional Star Wars faceplate, this is THE cell phone for the Jedi Master in you! You'll get a mail-in rebate for your Star Wars changeable covers.

So, what kind of phone is under all that great customization? Glad you asked. The Sony Ericsson z500a includes a VGA digital camera with 4x zoom, video capture, streaming multimedia viewing capability for 3GPP Video and MPEG4, wireless multi-player gaming, PC synchronization, mobile web browsing with WAP 2.0 and more. It can handle polyphonic ringtones with 40 chords, MP3 ringtones, ringer profiles and picture caller ID. Download more 3D and Star Wars graphics, MIDI, Supertone or MP3 ringtones, and change the removable covers to build your perfect phone.

And don't worry about having to stay tethered to your charger. You'll have up to 600 minute of talk time(10 hours) and up to 264 hours of stand by time(that's 11 days!). When you do need to recharge, you'll have a car charger that comes along at no cost as a bonus.

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