Sunday, May 22, 2005

Make Cheap International Phone Calls on Your Long Distance Service

How would you like a long distance calling plan that offers exceptionally low per minute phone rates on your usual long distance calls plus jaw dropping cheap calling rates on international phone calls?

This is something brand new. It's called IBN TEL Low Rates Long Distance. It's a traditional long distance service that you use with your current residential local phone service. When you want to make a long distance call, you just dial 1 plus the area code and the number you want to reach. That's it. You don't have to dial any access numbers or pin codes to get the low rates. They're automatically built into the service.

What kind of rates are we talking about? U.S. long distance rates start at 2.5 cents per minute. To find out what you'll pay, you need to take a few seconds and check for your particular location. Go to our IBN TEL service page and enter your area code and first 3 digits of your phone number in the "check availability" box on the right side of the page.

Now how about those International rates? You can call Canada for 2.5 cents per minute, Australia for 2.9, Belgium for 2.9, and China for 2.9. What? It only costs 2.9 cents per minute to call China? Since when? Since now!

You can also call Germany, Italy and Hong Kong for the 2.9 cents per minute rate. If you have relatives in any of these countries you can probably call them as cheaply as if they lived in the next state. Of course, if you are using the "too expensive" excuse to avoid calling certain parties, it might be wise to keep this to yourself.

Calls to other countries also cost less than you'll find on other long distance plans. Brazil is 8.5 cents a minute. India is 19.5 to most locations but 11.9 to Bangalore. You can call Japan for 3.9 cents a minute. Mexico is 16.9 cents a minute but 6.9 to Mexico City. Check the International Calling Rates to other countries you are interested in.

Along with the low domestic and International calling rates, IBN TEL offers 6 second billing. That means that for charging purposes you calls are timed in 6 second increments. You'll save money if your current long distance plan charges the more typical increments of 60 seconds.

What about monthly fees? There are no regular monthly fees. There is a billing fee of $1.95 if you make less than $20 worth of long distance calls in a particular month. You have a choice of receiving an online bill or a regular paper bill monthly.

But aren't bundled local and long distance plans the modern way to go? Maybe and maybe not. It takes a LOT of long distance calling to cover the monthly cost of a bundled plan. That's just within the USA. International calls are not included in your bundle and tend to be at fairly high rates. Most people are better off getting local phone service from their local phone company and switching to a lower cost long distance service like IBN TEL.

If you want to save a bundle on your in-state and state to state long distance and enjoy super low rates to other countries, you should give the IBN TEL cheap phone calls service a closer look.

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