Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Baseball Addict's Paradise

It's springtime. Time for the fancies of young men and women to turn to ... baseball!

Oh, come on. It's still the national pastime. Most Americans like the sport of baseball. Many consider it a love affair. Some, the REAL baseball aficionados, are head over heels madly, deeply, insanely addicted to the game. And the problem is? Well, the REAL problem is too many games, too little access. If you want to really immerse yourself in the world of the majors, you need to watch the games you want with the teams you want regardless of where you happen to live.

Ah, technology to the rescue. Now the great "bird" in the sky has made arrangements for you to get your baseball fix to the tune of 1,500 games this season. Yeah, you can watch 1,500 Major League Baseball games for less than 10 cents a game. But you better get a move on. The season's started, and the fun waits for no one.

Here's what you do right now. Visit the special Dish Network offer page that we've created just for this occasion. See the spinning baseball? Notice that it says SEASON TICKETS in gold? That's your golden opportunity. Click on that baseball or the text link below the offer. Then enter the Dish Network current offers site and find the "Sports" link on that page. You'll be immediately taken to the sports packages. No need to drool over the basketball or soccer links. They're for another day. You want the link marked "MLB Extra Innings."

Mmmmm. How sweet it is. MLB Extra Innings gives you over 1,500 regular season major league baseball games for outside your home market. That's important. Your local station owns the rights to the games played in your town. So find out who's televising locally so you know when and where to watch those games. What MLB Extra Innings gives you is all the games that you couldn't otherwise see. These are games in addition to the ones they are televising on FOX, ESPN, ESPN2 and the regional sports networks. Now if there's a team you want to follow and you couldn't watch it before, you've got access.

Oh, yes, here's the other reason you want to hurry. MLB Extra Innings from Dish Network has a special early bird price of just $149 or 3 payments of $49.67 if you order before April 18. If you wait until after that, the prices goes up to $169. Save the $20 for hot dogs, popcorn, beer, whatever. And think how much more you can buy at the grocery store than the concession stand. This online offer is only for new Dish Network customers. If you already have service, talk directly with Dish Network customer service to upgrade your account. When you schedule your installation, make sure that you get the right programming packages for you. In addition to MLB Extra Innings you should have a look at the MultiSport Package and the 120 and 180 channel programming packages, movies and international programming. In fact, when you order new Dish Network service right now with the AT60 package, you'll receive the 180 channel package at no extra cost for the first 3 months, for as low as $31.99 per month! Wow, that's a lot of sports plus just about anything else you'd want to watch on TV, assuming you can fit it all in. Never again will you turn off the TV because "there's nothing on."

By the way, you DO want to be able to pause the games to take a break or rewind the action to do your own instant replays, right? No problem. Sign up with the online special running right now and you'll get up to 4 rooms of satellite TV equipment professionally installed by authorized Dish Network installers, including digital video recorders (DVR). Believe me, once you've had DVR you'll come to despise any TV without it. If you want to DVR your local stations, make sure you get the local networks package appropriate to your location. Local stations are available in about 240 markets. If you don't need 4 rooms with DVR and you have a high definition TV, you might also consider getting an HDTV receiver. Yes, that's part of the package. This is expensive high tech hardware if you had to buy it, but you don't. It comes with your service. The installer will make sure it all gets put in right and that you know how to run it.

So, time to stop talking and start ordering. Visit our special Dish Network MLB Extra Innings page now. If it's all too overwhelming, there's also a toll free phone number and some discount codes on that page. A friendly customer service person will be happy to help you pick exactly what you need and get you the best package deal.

See you again after October. Enjoy!

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