Saturday, April 30, 2005

Accessorize Your Cell Phone

So, you got the cell phone you wanted and you're signed up for cellular service. But something's still missing. Hmmm. What could it be?

Did you remember too late that you're going to spend a lot of time traveling and could easily run out of battery power before you get back home to your cell phone charger? Or, would you like a comfortable headset so that you don't have to tuck that phone under your chin as you go barreling around corners in your SUV? Maybe you'd like to clip the phone on your belt so you can talk on a headset while shopping. Did you get a belt clip?

Oh, no. You got the phone but not the accessories you really need. Now what can you do? Fear not! What you need is a cell phone accessories store and we've just launched a great one. Actually it's a store within a store. You can get your cellphone and service with much better deals than you'll find in those cellular stores. Or, go directly to the cell phone accessories store and pick up just the extras you need at bargain prices.

Here are some examples. How about those car adaptors so you can charge your phone while you drive? We've got over a dozen different models so you can get one designed for your phone. That includes everything from a Motorola cell phone to a RIM Blackberry. Prices start at $11.95 for an adaptor designed to work with Sanyo phones. You may see it advertised elsewhere for $19.99. If you are going to be using your phone extensively in your car, and who doesn't, an even better deal may be the hands-free kit. These include a car power charger, cradle to hold the phone and a hands-free headset.

Hands Free headsets are available starting at $14.95 for a Samsung OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) model that has a one touch button built into the cord so you can answer and end calls without fumbling for your phone buttons. Motorola offers a desktop speakerphone that lets you have conference calls anywhere using your cell phone. Talk about the mobile office! Or how about a Bluetooth headset? No wires needed if you have a model of phone with Bluetooth communications built-in.

I'll bet you'd like a nice leather carrying case to protect your phone. There's an original LG leather case for $15.95 that is designed to allow you to charge your phone and use your handset while the phone is in the case. For the same price, you can get a Nokia leather case with a built-in belt clip. Or choose a microfiber carrying case if you prefer the look.

If you have a Nokia or Kyocera phone, we have covers available that let you change the look of your phone anytime you want. For just $14.95 you can get a set of seafoam blue, lilac lavender and lime green. Or, pick the set that includes candy red, gloss black and metallic blue.

Do you have a phone that works with your computer to synchronize schedules and contact information or download custom ringers? We've got data cables to make the connection. Even if a cable came with your phone, you might want another for work or to pack in the laptop bag for mobile use. The RIM Blackberry USB cable charger even charges your Blackberry while you're transferring data.

Wait no longer. You can shop our cell phone accessories store right now. If you haven't picked a phone yet, don't pay for one until you shop our cell phone plans with free phones and money back. That's right. You get the phone free.

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