Monday, January 03, 2005

Calling card rates: USA to areas affected by Tsunamis

For anyone who needs to call to countries affected by the tsunamis, please check with your long distance service provider before just picking up the phone and dialing. Rates vary widely among providers, and there is no reason to pay outrageously high rates when just a little groundwork can save you as much as 90% on your call. Yes, some service providers have terribly high international rates, and I have actually seen as much as 90% savings with our services.

Today, I would like to tell you about a calling card that offers excellent international rates. CogniCall is not prepaid, it is a billable card that just bills your credit card each month when you have used the service. There are no activation or monthly fees, and there is no charge in months when you don't use the card. Even better, your new account can be activated within hours during the business week, and all of your account information, rates and access numbers are available in your online account.

Here are some sample rates from the US to areas in Southeast Asia:

  • India 25 cents per minute
  • Indonesia 24.9 cents per minute
  • Malaysia 9.4 cents per minute
  • Sri Lanka 56.2 cents per minute
  • Thailand 21.9 cents per minute

If you have a need for such a calling card, come to LDRF Phone Services You can also check rates on our calling cards for any needs with our rate calculator on the right side of that page.

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